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The Badrinath temple is in Uttrakhand. It is situated in the left coast of Alaknanda river and in right coast Lakshman gangs, in between Nar-narayan & Neelkanth peaks. The worships of nar and narayan in this region and based on Achal gyansrote the monolithic lamp is fired there, In anaadi siddhh place. The temple places in3150mtr high fromthe sea level. Shankaracharya had done the renovation and established the sculpture there. There is a pond named as taptkund which contains hot water. There is also those people who went Badrinath should also take a bath before entering the temple it pures the soul of the person.

The name Badrinath is named because when the lord Vishnu was doing the penance mata Lakshmi had made the wall of badri tree around lord vishnu, to save from the storms and weather, after there were so many trees of berries (the berry is called as Badri) the place is known as badrinkasharam too. And the other recognition is “badri” stands for lord vishnu so the place is known as badrinath. There is another pond whose name is narad kund.

In hindu epic it is written that one day lord vishnu was finding a place of peace for doing tapasya, when he arrived the kedar way he loved this place and took a form of child and started crying after seeing this lord shiva came and asked the child what is the reason for his tear than sudden lord vishnu come to his original form and told Everything about that after that day the place is known as badrinath. And the huge validation is of doing maha pooja abhishekh.

The recognition says that the person who does the mahapooja abhishekh will get pious soul. Its heard visit to Badrinath (feet of narayan in lighted fired pilgrimage) and kedarnath(kedar’s mahalinga of lord shiva) will free from the curse of next birth as human. The place badrinath is one of the holiest temples in India. And comes in chardham of india too. It is supposed that the person who is visiting the chota chardham must visit badrinath to complete his visiting. Every year many people from india and worldwide come to visit badrinath dham and take blessings from the god and goddess. In hindu religion lordvishnu is also known as palankarta. The devotees must devote the copper bangle in the temple, it is very important devote in badrinath.

When the gateway of badrinath closes the worship again happens in joshimath in narsingh temple at chamoli. (Vijayadashami). The vyas muni had also taken his birth at badrinath. When the china attacked in india they threw the sculpture of lord vishnu in naradkun, then the shankaracharya again estabilished the sculpture in garungupha. In the middle of the temple there is a black stone statue of shrine vishnu ji. The main gate of temple is called as “singh dwar.” There are two partition of the temple in the 1st part there are small temples of garud, hanuman & mata lakshmi. And in the 2nd part there is s statue of lord vishnu and the statues of nar-naryan, kuber, udhhav, narad. 3 km away from the main temple there is a wonderful fall and a cave which is shaped as vishnu charan(feet). Another big stone is situated there which is famous as the eye of sheshnag.

Places to visit in Badrinath

• Tapt kund — (55 degree Celsius hot water)
• Narad kund
• Vasundhara falls
• Satopanth lake
• Pandukeshwar temple
• Hemkund sahib — the holiest temple of sikhs of guru granth sahib
• Vyas & ganesh gupha (Mana village)
• Joshimath
• Auli (3050 ft (0.93 km) altitude, paragliding & skying spot)

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  • Location : Haridwar
  • Duration : 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Package: Deluxe
  • Cost : 17,500 PP

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